I am a second-year master's student of Communications and Folklore & Ethnography (Certificate) at Penn State Harrisburg. My research interests lie in environmental communication at the nexus of activism, social justice, and political economy through the use of digital media, social networks, and ethnographic fieldwork to bolster long-term global environmental equity and sustainability. (→ More | → 中文)

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Beyond He and She: On the Temporality of Queerness

11 December 2020 [W]e need a critique of moral values, the value of these values themselves must first be called into question—and for that there is needed a knowledge of the conditions and circumstances in which they grew, under which they evolved and changed (morality as consequence, as symptom, as mask, as tartufferie, as illness, as misunderstanding; but also as cause, as remedy, as stimulant, as restraint, as poison), a knowledge of a kind that has never yet existed or even been desired.

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Reflection: Finding Comfort and Discomfort Through Foodways During the Covid-19 Pandemic

11 November 2020 This essay reflects on comfort food in the US as a response to stress during the pandemic. Not everyone finds food comforting, and discomforts being experienced highlight inequalities existing in American society and the mainstream food system as well as individual identities and situations. Using preliminary data from an international oral history project on the subject, we look at the category itself, which, as developed in the US, reflects an American morality attached to food along with a privileged position of having choices around food consumption.

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Thus Spoke New Philosophers: Interpreting Nietzsche and His Dangerous Maybes

30 October 2020 But who has to concern himself with such dangerous maybes? For that one has to wait for the advent of a new species of philosophers, such as have somehow another and converse taste and propriety from those we have known so far— philosophers of the dangerous ‘maybe’ in every sense. These new philosophers are the representatives of Dionysian power that challenges the well-established stability of knowing by positing maybes to the origin and process of “will to truth.

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