Friends to me are what fries to Americans in that friends are capable of making contributions to the tapestry of our life; meanwhile, they may become obstacles and setbacks in our life track.

So ubiquitous is the address book among us that we can reach whoever we want to get in touch with in a flash, especially living in this super tech age. While throwing mind back to the moment when searching for a friend of ours, we could find pages of contacts instead of several items, mostly. Hence a classification of those companions is vital of importance.

As you can imagine, outgoing and easygoing are my labels so that I have a lot of friends. Fortunately, I keep all my friends in an exclusive category with both good order and good reasons. First and foremost, I name those who are the most intimate and closest with me as inner-core friends. Usually, we spend time together on sharing experiences, insights, and even loathsome confidence. If one of us were in trouble, we could be there for the other without a second pause. Although we might live remotely from each other, we never feel the sense of distance because we are connected and have a promise for each other.

The second level is mantle friends. On the one hand, we are trying to make the best of both worlds since we learn from each friend and offer some help when they in difficulties. In other words, we won’t turn our back off when those friends in need. On the other hand, we become friends with regard to not only seeing as their virtues but also accepting flaws on them. Thanks to the similar interests, it seems a weekly activity to hang about with those friends on weekends and vacations. Crust friends are the last part on my list, with whom I am expected to be as nice as possible. According, my genuine opinions are apt to be reserved in the communication with crust friends which can also be defined as convenience friends as well. In this case, we respect each other and give a hand when required or for a certain purpose. Hardly do we bother to make a phone call or text more often giving that we always know the exact gap should be put in our relationship.

All of this being said, the management of friendship is rather significant to everyone for a lifetime. Besides, even if there is a category for our friends, yet the divisional lines are not necessary. The classification should be flexible instead as friends can break up now and then.Only when we set up efforts to foster the flowers of friendship, can they remain blooming along with prosperous.