By no means had this movie ever stopped reminding us the significance of social security as well as individual well-being before we trapped into some realistically dramatic scenario. In this picture, it tells that how an overwhelmingly desperate father squeezed himself across all crucial and ruthless boundaries so that he eventually managed to save his beloved boy.

John Q is a sort of movie many of us would pray for. It is so earnest, so overwrought and so wildly far-fetched that it begs to be parodied with kind of sense of black humor. I cannot agree more with its message ——that the most wealthy country in history is expected to take the responsibilities for national heath care which is always carrying on with shrinkage under the presidential government, and even worse with Trump care at present. Even if loaded nations like U.S are confronting those problems, how about any other countries in the third world? Undoubtedly, they are doing improbably as well as the American style in that on the one hand, people have their words promised by the governments seemingly for people’s sake without any limit. However, people will soon find out the revealing truth, deceptive and harsh, when they suffer from the torment of diseases and the pressure from unaffordable bills. On the other hand, since they are innocent of universal health care, they spare every single effort to pay for social insurance with their best, only to find what they have done is as meaningless as a drop in the ocean. Still, it won’t be enough to afford a person’s life as they are bankrupt.

Denzel Washington’s portal of a devastated father is remarkable and compelling as he struggles to find a way to get his son be to tread and operated as soon as possible, no matter what costs. A corned beast will do something desperate says a Chinese motto. But this message is pounded in with such fevered melodrama. Also, it is widely acknowledged that any problem which money can fix won’t be a problem anymore. Yet, there is one thing we are not willing to admit is that we are indeed desperately lack of money. And that’s exactly where we stand now, precisely what the lion share of people are facing, accurately why we encourage donation and charity.

In our enduring lifetime, we may come across a stroke of luck someday, somewhere. Last night, I made a phone call with my mom and told her that if I were in some catastrophic illness, I would prefer to pass away with a complete body along with my peace and dignity. Most striking, we reached an agreement immediately. She has survived several vital operations, and she knew better than me how that feel when lying on the bed, empty and anesthetized, was wondering where or nowhere to go. Without fear, we embrace everything prepared for us ahead and brace for anything we take as impossible and challengeable.

For any young adult like me, I wish you good luck with fitness and happiness. Be grateful and do something socially beneficial and personal desirable because you deserve what you got when you set up efforts and perseverance in the face of obstacles and setbacks. For the time to come, make a bright future and build a better society. Do something, and we will see. God bless you all.