To Kirk Douglas, a blessed survivor and a life coach.

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged, that a loaded man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of better fame. If you feel challenges deliver the best opportunities, you are on the same page with me. For it is the condition of today’s iconic value that tomorrow’s another day and there is always a fat chance out there that awaits. As long as you stand a chance of grabbing a bite of a big apple, basically, there are two predictable results ahead of you, making it or losing it. Nevertheless, the motivation which pushes you forward to do so also tries to convince you that most likely you are capable of seizing the bigger shot, not only to make it but to succeed with style. Once your expectation value arises, so does your loss index with or without your awareness. This way, you may find yourself slightly confused in the midst of triumphal and naturally attribute this unsuspected feeling to something else but luck. So what does it take to outline the shape of luck and how to sense it right away?

Mercy loves company. I learned this lesson from my mom, a strong, intelligent woman, who likes to inherit her legacy of wisdom to my younger brother and me. Sometimes, she employs a different mechanism to address her points by free-range parenting in which we share our epiphanies and get her nod. To come all that way, luck is an accident as a matter of fact, but a magical one. When you come across the stroke, the good luck is not far away.

With luck comes a kick. This phrase pattern not only enriches my conversational expression but also enlightens me to explore the deeper comprehension of philosophy. For a long time, I was trying to get to the bottom of the essence of this pattern. In other words, why does it become so accessible for common usage that we can probably make increasing theories rolled into one? Luckily, some clues knocked on my door. On the one hand, this phrase pattern could elaborate causes and effects for almost everything by virtue of mirroring our daily life, a scientific and logic world. i.e., with voice comes echoes, with tears come salts, with stress comes tense, with age comes maturity, etc. On the other hand, it casts some light upon the Naïve Dialecticism, a collection of East

Asian public beliefs characterized by the acceptance of contradiction and the expectation of change in everyday life. Undoubtedly, most of my mom’s mottoes can be transformed into this structure. For example, with health comes wealth, with pains come gains, with seeds come hopes, with friends come enemies, with games come winners, with winners come losers, with marriage comes baggage, with success comes gossips, etc. To sum up, this pattern provides an easy optional method to help organize and spread our mindsets.

Luck lies in attitudes. Mr. The-glass-is-half-empty fails to escape the labyrinth for he gives it up in the first place. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” said John F. Kennedy. When the stroke happens, an optimist often has greater chance to grasp the silver linings. In contrast, for a pessimist, he announces his premature death proof without any struggle.

During my recent study of Introductory Linguistics, I captured the similar features between linguistics and life study. They are arbitrariness, duality, productivity, transmission, and displacement. Likewise, the odds that a stroke and a surprise occur at the same time is arbitrary. When the ship has sailed through the tiny hope, misery and merit become doubles of luck; hence all this karma falls into an everlasting flow, where variation and transmission are out of the question. Only then when your face turns to the bright side, can you see and seize the moment to shift your luck of the draw. Luck does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Typically, a stoke hurts, so does luck. Most of us are afraid of taking challenges, only to feel self-pity when such an opportunity walks away afterwards. Most of our time, we sincerely pray to be survivors out of any disasters but happen to drop into another trap sorrowfully we accidentally build for ourselves—guilt, in every sense of that word. Any luck won’t favor you if you keep it out of the door. Given that luck likes playing Dare or Dare Not game, fight or flight? It is your choice. I guess that too sounds familiar considering we are spoilt for choice when it comes to games in this age of cyberspace. But the next question is Dare you or not?

To be alive is to take risks. When the lucky star fades out of your sight, be brave and find your way to bring it back. Always remember, the world is your oyster and with loss comes space for a fatter chance. Now, you ready? Wish you good luck!