Crowds of witnesses all gathering here and there with
Faces full of cheer deliver the best blessings everywhere.
Wind dancing, trees singing, and flowers smiling to both
Wishful love birds, heart acts upon heart until forever.

In the name of love, walking through the aisle,
A bouquet of rhythm resonated all around the couple.
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,
Hand in hand, all determined toward the future avenue.

Floods of phone calls emerging now and then with
Chances full of fear drop the last glimpse nowhere.
Wind screaming, trees shaking, and flowers sighing to both
Woeful tied slaves, heart breaks with heart since ever.

In the name of family, subject to the trouble,
A bed of words swept away without any struggle.
Nothing bad, nothing good, nothing doubted and nothing due,
Eye to eye, none was meant to be true.