Before your reading, you should be notified two things: one is that those following strategies are not concluded from scientific methods but my individual empirical summaries; the other is that I am not a crazy Asian nerd and hence you can read this article at ease and peace.

Hearing a test, quiz, examination or check, whatever tags you prefer, you have to admit that they are the same thing because they toss your nerves and drive you to do a good or better job. Hardly can we say there is an end to all kinds of tests since they have universally become the most measurable and convincing ways to serve people. This way, don’t let the negative attitudes plague your mindset, nor take those tests as haunted monsters. If you have already found your way to break the curve, you may want to consolidate your methods from this article; otherwise, you may come across some inspirations to build one while reading.

Read, Read and Read

Although you might hear about “No text does more to help students learn,” textbooks, either e-printed or hard coped are ubiquitously prevalent. It seems impossible for us to jump out of languages and dive straight into the ocean of knowledge, which is usually in need of your efforts. Then how to make the best use of reading is our priority. Take PSYC-101 class, for example, there’s a lot of text which can be a total stranger to you. Not to mention that in each chapter, terminology tops the most unwanted list. Thus, my advice is that for your first reading, don’t take any supplements including the study guide, which is because not only you are a college student now, but high-quality concentration is instrumental in your initial reading. Most people turn to supplement materials at the beginning have concerns about their misinterpretation against the original texts, which can be time-consuming afterward as a matter of fact. Making notes at the margins during your reading can help you locate your soft ribs. After that, you can easily recognize the points that tease your brains. Another advantage that free reading can deliver is that chances are you will eventually enjoy those texts rather than hurry to finish some tasks as soon as possible. Besides, it is difficult to imagine that reading while connecting to the study guide because both are fairly new to you, and vice versa unless you are super confident about cognitive abilities and IQ. Also, relying on the study guide in the first place might lead to your illusion that everything listed aside is all you need, which is true though not the whole truth. Once you finish your first reading independently, you will have a bird’s view of the knowledge, and accordingly, you will map the best match in the study guide instantly.

Learn to Teach

When your reading part is all set, you can always proceed some self-tests by yourself. Trying to teach people about what you know can be the best efficient way to tell how much and how good you master the knowledge. Under that circumstance, you can explain some key points to your close friends and ask them if your theories are telling. My advice is to meet your exclusive supplement instructors or student tutors in the Academic Success Center, where you can apply Q&A procedure to test your understanding. Through the questioning part from others, you can always find some new angles to perceive the static content in your textbook and witness them increasingly become dynamic.

Think Beyond the Textbook

Now that you are a college student, why not be an active learner. As long as you get the memberships in active learning club, there are as many as more bonus await and surprises ahead. Remember your attitude can always make a difference. With critical thinking, you can reach out to many areas which are not in the textbooks but sometimes might be mentioned a little bit somewhere. When your interest alert beeps, why not dig one more step to find out more detailed information about the relevant topic, which boots your database and provides a better understanding in terms of key points and cases. Even if you are not a psychology major, it doesn’t bother you at all to be an expert if you are an active learner. Except for the most available online resources, you can always find professional assistance from a school library. As a student at Lander, you all have access to other libraries who are friends within the state via PASCAL service, a superb free book delivery service between campuses.

Response Matters

Some classes you attend may ask you to write response papers or thought papers. Response paper can not only enhance your academic performance but reinforce the relationship between you and the knowledge you are interested. Perhaps, you take those so-called papers as unnecessary either you think it is no big deal or the other way. However, the best part to be a student, especially in college is that teachers are always there for you, a team fully prepared just for you. At any time, you can give it a try and send your response paper to your professors. Don’t be afraid to be imperfect or making mistakes. Everyone can make mistakes, and we learn a lot and make such progress from them. When you keep an open mind to your instructors, they will show you the spectacular sceneries in the science territory with their superpowers and best. If you want to make a response, do it now.

Memory Wins

When it comes to the memory, most people will turn their back away. My advice is to calm down and don’t do it. Believe it or not, it might be an upset fact to some people, but most time you do not have control over your memories. What’s worse, the more you resist, the more you can memorize. While most people hold this stereotype that memorizing is the enemy against intelligence or being smart. Interestingly, most teachers also try to convince their students that preparation for the test is not based on memory but understand instead. If you give it a second thought to this theory, does it still make any sense? Human cognitive abilities cannot survive without the development of memory capacity. If your memory serves now, please tell me when your birthday is? As a result, embrace with your precious memory gift and make good use of it. In other words, reviewing is necessary because people can forget. The good news is that even you feel not that confident with your memory ability, you can find ways to improve it. FYI, remembering terms always delivers such best opportunity for your memory development.

Have Some Faith

Finally, we are here. But now if you feel something wrong, but you cannot tell exactly. I totally get it. Your stage fright attacks. To be honest as much as I can, I don’t think there’s a cure to fix it once and for all except some people handle it remarkably well by tremendous practices. My advice is to face it if you cannot find your way out. Being nervous happens to everyone every day in different scales even beyond your surveillance. Some groups of people may be more likely to be anxious in front of a test. All you need to know is that this reaction is 100% normal and you are 100% capable of gripping it. Listening to one of your favorite songs and taking a deep breath are always good companies with relaxation and fun.

Sooner or later, I believe you will be a Kick-Ass Tester in one way or another, and only when you focus on values behind grades, will you have a better shot to be a life winner.