There is no limit to desire but desireʼs needs.
― John Champlin Gardner Jr., Grendel

Glad to be here
I made my way to have come
To the 21st century
What a colorful village
With the name Greenwood
But not like the place I lived in
Where were just green woods
Where are my friends
I used to have lots of friends
Who listened to my lecture
And never get enough
Now they all left me
Because they made new friends
That is not my fault
I am a philosopher in this world
And I think Dr. would be the best title
The only one that suits me
Why not?
People used to talk about me
A lot
They said Grendel was once my student
Donʼt do that
Who is Grendel
I never heard about that name
And even now
That is not on my list
I am a decent philosopher
And I donʼt fish for money
That is not my interest
All I care is about truth
I only serve truth
As I am always telling truth
My bestselling lecture
Was the meaning of living while you are leaving
I should tell you the fact
That I am younger than you
And I never doubt that
Donʼt judge me from my look I will be shy
As a philosopher
I shall bear no tolerance to those
Who only care about the surface
But nothing serious the nature Of the life
Of the body
Of the truth
If there is such a thing
That exists and awaits
Now, you give me an answer
And tell me why you live here and now.