So childhood too feels good at first, before one happens to notice the terrible sameness, age after age.
― John Gardner, Grendel

This is Grendelʼs mother
And period.
Yes, I am that woman
who made Beowulf the hero
And again, Yes! I am the one
who gave birth to the Grendel
Donʼt ask me anything about his father
Before you ask
Please call my name first
Got you?
Living in the cave
I endure the whole sht
Donʼt judge my language
Donʼt call me crazy
I was supposed to have a name
Whether good or bad
I would be good or bad enough
To deserve a name
If you doubt with that
Talk to me
I challenge you
You all know my son
He was once my proud
And now my disgrace
Once a boy turned into a man
The same face
Twisted the fact
I am the one who suffers
The only one
And I keep quiet
Thatʼs the thing for me
Just to be me
Still, no name would favor me
Out of the wood
Flying in the sky
I become the witness
The only witness
Of the insanity
That disgraceful creatures were wearing masks
Telling falsehoods
And fooling around
I could beat with that
But even them have their names
Is that a joke
I doubt
Each flower has its smell
So am I
But I donʼt reply on the compliment
To make a living
I am capable of my own
The only me
Oh, here is my son
Lying on the ground
Play his joke
That I am so tired to pay any attention
I am sick of his seriousness to be a man
I am sick of myself to give him a sh
He called me mama
But that is not my name I have no choice
And I keep quiet
As long as I didnʼt get my name
Hopefully, I could have some me time
I could write
I could dream
I could masturbate
Men have their games of naming
I have my fun of swimming
Swimming in the nameless river
That is me
A me without clothes
Shameless as I am
Unnamed as I always be
And I had no choice
Please do me a favor
Please call his name
Rather than the son of the bit*h
Because I have no name
Please donʼt break the law