When I was a child I truly loved: Unthinking love as calm and deep As the North Sea. But I have lived, And now I do not sleep.
― John Gardner, Grendel

When I was born in the dark cave I was all alone
Yelling is my privilege
Without joy but only that hole
My mama was there for me
Just there with me
Either warm nor harm
Can I feel
Out of the cave
I had lots of fun
Talking with things that amaze me
And light up my world
River dances
Flower sings
And wind always touching my belly
I am the one who was blessed
At least that is part of my story
At least that is true for the beginning
Day and night
Sun and moon
No good news comes
And no bad as well Me and my shadow
All around
All along
Once in a while
I wish I could
Jump out of the cave
Be there with more surprises
Not the way that used to be
But the odd does not favor me yet
Mama once told me nothing
Hardly did I ask for too much
Ignorance was her obsession
Impatience was my compulsion
Lying on the ground
I was wondering
How does the world look like
Out of the cave
Beyond our community
Where this woman and me
Have been stuck together
For such a long time
Who can tell me this answer
That I would trade this woman with you
Which I believe she would do the same thing
To me to satisfy her desires
Give me a voice or get me death

With warmth and truth
Nothing hidden in the woods
One day the miracle dawned
I thought that was my day
My moment to give rid of this dreadfully depressive silence
Where new faces come to me
With ugly armor wrapped in their bodies
Like worms pretend to be elephants
I would not even spare any eyesight
To look at them for one more second
They were selfish, spineless and sly
They were not supposed to be here
But they were here
And more and more were coming On their way
On my land How dare them
Those creatures full of stupidity
I would not let that happen They have to pay that price
And I will let them know
Sooner or later
They will have their first lesson
By Dr. Grendel