A creative project_ENGL. 214 (→ video)

Have you ever heard the story behind the yellow wallpaper?
Yes, yellow wallpaper, yellow wallpaper! Yellow wallpaper.
It is a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman who was an American writer. And she first published this short story in 1892 in New England Magazine.
The story is about a woman also a mother, who was sick with serious mood disorders. i can tell that from my psyc 101 class. Okay! However, her husband as a physician, did not think so. He thought it was “slight hysterical tendency.” You know like every woman does. No offense.
Then the most fun part comes.
When they moved into an isolated big house for taking care of her, remember she was good and not a patient. She felt that there was something wrong with the big house. Especially about the wallpaper in her room. Then she talked to her husband, but he did not listen to her. You know like every husband does. No offense. She could not even talk to her son, because according to her husband, for her good sake, she definitely needed more restful time, which means no mother-and-son time. Then she began to write, secretly. You know, if nobody ever listens to you, you can always talk to your dear diary as long as it would not be found out. Unfortunately, her husband found out that and officially forbidden her from writing. In her diary, most topics were about the wallpaper that bothered her much day and night. This way, she could not work, write or take care her son.
O, man, what else can she do? Still, no one actually listens to her.
Finally, she burned out. And felt there was another woman “stooping down and creeping” behind the yellow wallpaper. She locked her alone, and tea off the wallpaper to release that women whom she believed was prisoned in the wallpaper. At the end, she got totally out of mind and thought she was the woman behind the wall. Then her husband found out this total mess, he fainted in the door way. And she had “to creep over him every time!” Her husband’s name was John, and as to her, it didn’t mention her name in the story.
Okay, maybe next time you wouldn’t pick yellow wallpaper for your room decoration.
Thanks so much for watching and have a great day!