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Hittin’ on All Six

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Many people find it as easy as a piece of cake when they address themselves to the public, bold and confident, stand on their feet to the audience, comfortable and eloquent, and barely reveal their mysteries in mild annoyance. While those favorable facts seemingly have never occurred to the others who take it for granted the way they are, at the very least, being reluctant to give it a shot promptly. It probably had something to do with character orientation. Provided that someone stay as timid as a hare, which many people may think, he would embarrass himself in public and perform quite like a wall flower without any doubt. However, as somebody or nobody, reading the very first page of this book right now, there is one thing must get shook off root and branch unless you wish nothing changed and stuck still in a bottleneck - the stereotype that it is far-fetched for the introverted to deliver an amazing speech.